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Zurvita Customers and Offers!

Zurvita – A Higher Way of Life!

Zeal Wellness Supplement is available with or without Guarara which is similar to caffeine!


(Do not select the Classic Formula if you need your Zeal drink to be Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher)


Products available to customers in the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico and you can cancel at any time. We also ship to Military AA, Military AE, Military APOs.

So, let’s get more specific!

Please ensure you select USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico links at top before placing order.

  • New or returning Retail Customer – Someone who only wishes to make a one time purchase or wishes to buy Zeal supplement  at will and does not want auto-shipments.
  • New Preferred Customer – Someone who wishes to receive monthly auto shipments of our Zurvita Products. (Smart Subscribe)
  • Existing Preferred Customer – Someone who currently is a Zurvita customer and has an active account.
  • You can contact Zurvita Corporate for assistance with your account. Zurvita Corporate Office – USA 844- Zurvita or (713) 464-5002

Canada (French): 450-977-0829
Canada (English): 450-300-0197

               Haga un clic para español

(Haga un clic para Zurvita México)


Haga un clic aqui para Mexico.




Try Zeal’s most popular flavors with the 6-Pak Zeal sampler. It contains Mango, Bold Grape, Tropic Dream, Wild Berry and Wild Berry Classic. Learn all about Zeal and its benefits with the included Zeal Science Update and botanical card.

Zeal for Life contains over 55 whole food nutrients that includes over 120 vitamins*, minerals and antioxidants. Zeal has been clinically shown to reduce stress and increase productivity while making you feel vibrant, focused, calm and confident. Zeal’s natural source of clean energy can provide a boost of consistent and stable, long-lasting energy throughout your day. (USA ONLY)


Buy Zeal Now!

5 comments on “Zurvita Customers and Offers!

  1. Miguel Ángel
    June 10, 2019

    Nesecito un bote no e podido traer ninguno de PHOENIX Arizona


  2. Francinei
    January 6, 2019

    Quero comprar vc manda aqui pra o Brasil. Meu zap 7991440061

    Enviado do meu iPhone


    • Zurvita.com/HealthRoads
      January 6, 2019

      Oi Francine! Infelizmente não temos licença para vender no Brasil. Não temos planos imediatos para expandir à América Do Sul


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