Tania-Maria – Zurvita Independent Consultant

Zeal Wellness and ZBlends Hemp oil Products

Zeal Wellness Canister $39.95 + Free Shipping for a Year! Expires December 31, 2018!

Zurvita calls it “Christmas Canister” and it is a gift that keeps on giving!

What is this all about?


Zurvita Christmas Promotion offers customers a Zeal Wellness Canister for $39.95 and Free Shipping for a year! – Unheard of!

Zeal Wellness Canisters typically retail for $74.95 as a one time purchase and as a Preferred Customer, the Zeal Wellness Canister normally costs $64.95 on auto shipment. (Plus tax and shipping)


This offer is available only for customers in the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominican Republic, Australia, and México and you can cancel at any time.

(All links below are based on USA. If you are in one of countries above, simply change your country option)


So, let’s get more specific with the details!

  • New or returning Retail Customer – Someone who only wishes to purchase the product once or at will and does not want auto-shipments. If this is you, you can purchase up to 4 canisters and this offers will end on December  31, 2018, at which time you may no longer be able to enjoy this awesome $39.95 + Free Shipping offer. ($74.95 Retails)
  • New Preferred Customer –  Someone who wishes to receive monthly auto shipments of our Zeal Wellness Canister. Your cost will be based on our $39.95 + Free Shipping offer and we will honor it for an entire year! However you must sign up before December  31, 2018
  • Existing Preferred Customer – Someone who currently is a Zurvita customer prior to promo launch. You can log into your account change your auto-shipping option or just purchase your Zeal canister  at $39.95. Offer Ends on December 31, 2018 – For assistance with your account, please contact Zurvita Corporate Office –  USA 844- Zurvita or (713) 464-5002

Canada (French):  450-977-0829

Canada (English):  450-300-0197


Haga un clic aqui para espanol.



Buy Zeal Now!

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