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Zurvita Products – Nutrition Fact Sheets – USA

zurvita amino acids, fat burn, weight loss

Introducing ZblendsHempOil!

Zurvita's new Product ZBlendsHemp Nutritional Facts

ZBlends Hemp Oil – Nutritional Facts

Zurvita’s Zeal is a All-In-One natural nutritional drink. A Synergistic blend of whole food concentrates providing an excellent source of nutrients , antioxidants and vitamins. 

Zurvita Zeal For Life

Zeal For Life Classic versus Vegan

Zeal Wellness Classic Formula

Zeal Wellness Vegan Formula

(*Guarana Free Formula Available)

Zurvita Performance H2O

h2o fact sheet

Zurvita H20 Tropic Breeze Full PDF

fuel zurvita

fuel fact sheet

Zurvita Fuel Blood Orange Full PDF

zurvita repair

repair fact sheet

Zurvita Repair Berry Fusion Full PDF

zeal plus image

zeal plus info

zeal plus at a glance

Zeal+ Rumba Rush Full PDF

amino acids image

amino acids fact sheet

Zurvita Amino Acids Full PDF

burn fact sheet


cleanse fact sheet

Zurvita Cleanse and Burn Full PDF

Some Zeal Wellness flavors can be purchased in our Kosher, Gluten Free and Vegan formula.


Zeal Wellness Classic Formula – Fact Sheet

Zeal Wellness Vegan Formula – Fact Sheet

Zeal Wellness Vegano – (Spanish)

(*Guarana Free Formula Available)

Zeal Wellness provides complete spectrum of nutrient dense botanicals providing your body with balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition is critical to good health, proper energy levels and successful weight loss and management. Increase your fat burn now!

Zurvita health and wellness company Zurvita Transformation System 

Includes Zeal Wellness Formula

Zurvita Cleanse – Nutritional Fact Sheet

Zurvita Cleanse is an herbal and probiotic cleanse that will help detoxify your body and restore your digestive system to a healthy state. You can choose a gentle cleanse by consuming one Zurvita Cleanse tablet per day for 30 days, or a more rapid cleanse take 3 Zurvita Cleanse tablets for 10 days.

Zurvita Burn – Nutritional Fact Sheet

Zurvita Burn utilizes the power of thermogenic fat burners, carb blockers and an appetite suppressant that doesn’t make you jittery, Zurvita Burn will accelerate your metabolism to burn more calories, reduce your hunger and block the absorption of carbohydrates that you do eat. This will in turn help your fat burn and weight loss progress!

zurvita amino acids, fat burn, weight loss, zurvita protein

Zurvita Protein – Nutritional Fact Sheet – Vanilla Crème & Chocolate Delight

Zurvita Protein  come in two fantastic flavors, Chocolate Delight and Vanilla Creme with Zurvita amino acids. Both are designed for a completely new and exciting lifestyle. Enjoy Zurvita’s delicious and nutritious protein shakes that are loaded with 24 essential vitamins and minerals to keep you energized.

To rev-up your metabolism, eating six small meals a day is key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight and Zurvita Protein, with Zurvita amino acids, will make this easy to accomplish. The shakes can be mixed with water for a 100-calorie snack or mixed with low-fat milk, almond milk, etc. and combined with a small amount of food as a meal. Consistently replacing high calorie meals with low calorie shakes will over time produce significant results!

weight loss, weight management, weight loss challenge, zurvita protein drinks

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*Guarana Free Formula is safe for kids 12 and older, but first, please consult with their pediatrician.

Ask us how you can eventually receive your Zeal Wellness Product for FREE!

We are  Zurvita Independent Consultants

Some products may not be available in some markets

These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information on this site is not intended to replace advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information found on any product label or packaging. You should always consult with a qualified health care professional before starting any diet or supplementation program, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medications.

106 comments on “Zurvita Products – Nutrition Fact Sheets – USA

  1. Zurvita.com/HealthRoads
    March 29, 2013

    The amount of Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s in ZEAL is what is naturally occurring in the rice bran which is the main ingredient of ZEAL. The product is not fortified with any extra of each and the concerns over Omega 6’s being an inflammatory, many of the other ingredients in ZEAL are actually natural anti-inflammatory in of themselves and are all in proper balance. The products ingredients have been examined by three doctors (Dr. Scott VanLue, M.D.; Dr. Richard Walker, M.D.; Dr. James Badman, M.D.) and has been approved for use by them. We hope this helps answer your question.

  2. Elton
    August 26, 2013

    The time is now get healthy

  3. Jenny
    September 17, 2013

    I just heard about Zeal and joined as a consultant, but I was very disappointed to see “artificial flavor” on the Zeal Protein shakes. I will go ahead and order the natural supplement, but I would feel better about buying an all-natural whey shake from my health food store. When the protein shake is as natural as the supplement, I will buy that too. I feel like I was a bit deceived because Zeal dazzles the customer with images of fruits of the earth but we have to read the fine print. I’ll also be writing to you to urge Zeal to eliminate this artificial ingredient or offer a natural alternative.

    • HealthRoads.net
      September 18, 2013

      Greetings Jenny!
      Thank you for your interest in our products and welcome to the Wellness Revolution!

      Zeal Wellness gets its color from beets.

      When it comes to the source of the ingredients, we source the raw ingredients from all over the world. These raw ingredients are shipped out to our manufacturing plant and are then mixed together with the other ingredients to make Zeal Wellness. Most of the nutrients are naturally occurring in the whole food concentrates. We do fortify Zeal Wellness with a few essential vitamins that do not occur in the raw ingredients. No preservatives are added into the Zeal Wellness formula and with the exception of the fortification of a few vitamins, Zeal Wellness is an all-natural product.

      In the Zeal Shakes, Mono and diglycerides are part of the flavor blends that are used to achieve the vanilla flavor and chocolate flavor.

      This page has been created to clearly disclose the ingredients in our products. If you feel you need more time to properly research the products and the company, you have 3 days to cancel your membership as a consultant and receive your money back.

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us and we wish you a continued success.

  4. Richard
    October 13, 2013

    Is zeal a synthetic blend?

    • HealthRoads.net
      October 13, 2013

      No, Zeal for Life wellness is a natural blend.
      To learn more, please view video above on ingredients.
      Also visit our “Medical Advisory Board” page for a Doctor’s report on Zeal For Life Wellness formula.
      To your health!

  5. HealthRoads.net
    January 28, 2014

    Greetings Nika,
    Zeal For Life Wellness is also available Guarana Free.
    You can also visit our Medical Advisory Board page for a Doctor’s report on Zeal Wellness.


  6. Zurvita.com/HealthRoads
    February 23, 2014

    Greetings! Zeal is a natural product which helps to restore and protect your body, however we suggest you taking our Doctor’s Report to your health practitioner and ask for their opinion on the product. We are very careful in suggesting our product when clients report health issues. We want to be sure each case is properly assessed and proper recommendation is made. You can obtain a copy of the Dr. Report from here https://healthroads.net/medical-advisory-board/


  7. HealthRoads.net
    February 26, 2014

    Greetings! The best suggested way to take the burn and cleanse is as indicated on bottles. We suggest checking with your health practitioner.
    Wishing you a wonderful journey! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a new healthier life!

  8. Clare
    May 4, 2014

    I noticed that there are 1600% of Vitamin B12 and 400% of Vitamin B6 in a single serving of the Wellness formula. An intake of such a super high dose of Vitamin B12 & B6 daily doesn’t sound safe. Do you have more information on this?

    • HealthRoads.net
      May 4, 2014

      Zeal for life wellness is backed by a medical advisory board and if taken as directed, it is safe for consumption. Should you have any concerns please consult your health practitioner.

    • Please print the Zeal Doctor a Report for further information.

      • Mimi Reddick
        October 21, 2014

        I have clicked on the doctor’s report, am able to open it, however I am not able to print it? It appears that the printing has been blocked, is there a way to fix this?

      • HealthRoads.net
        October 26, 2014

        Apologies. It is only available for download or sharing link via email.

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  11. Donna
    June 27, 2014

    What is the soy content in Zeal for life?

  12. Stace
    July 9, 2014

    I have severe anxiety and cannot take anything with caffiene in it. What exactly is Guarana Free

  13. Michelle
    July 21, 2014

    When is the best time of day to take zeal wellness.

  14. Barbara
    July 24, 2014

    Hi There: Is your Zeal for Life Wellness Formula, Wildberry product gluten free. If not, do you have other products that are. I have celiacs disease and absolutely cannot consume gluten. I look forward to your response.

    • HealthRoads.net
      July 24, 2014

      Greetings and thank you for your interest. Our flavor “Tropic Dream” is Gluten-Free and Vegan.

      Note: As of February 2016 all flavors are Gluten Free and Vegan

      • Barbara
        September 10, 2014

        Re: Gluten Free Products

        When are the results of Zeal’s Gluten Free testing going to be available? I was given some samples, but can’t use them until I find out if the product (Zeal for Life Wellness) is gluten free.

      • HealthRoads.net
        September 10, 2014

        You may wish to take our medical report to your doctor for an assessment, however only our flavor “Tropic Dream” is gluten-free & Vegan certified.

        Click to access healthroads-zeal_doctors_report_en_031813.pdf


        Note: As of February 2016 all flavors are Gluten Free and Vegan

    • HealthRoads.net
      February 6, 2015

      Greetings! The new Tropic Dream is Gluten Free and Vegan! Visit http://Zurvita.com/HealthRoads

  15. JodeP
    September 10, 2014

    Can I use this while breastfeeding?

    • HealthRoads.net
      September 10, 2014

      Greetings and thank you for your interest in Zeal For Life Products.
      We urge you to consult your health practitioner and inquire if safe to take all the herbs and vitamins found in the Zeal wellness. Although the Zeal Wellness supplement is comprised of natural ingredients, we advise everyone to be sure it fits with your already existing diet and potential health condition.

      Also since what lactating moms ingest can also be transferred to the baby, your pediatrician should also be consulted. Once you have an okay, you can purchase via http://Zurvita.com/HealthRoads

      Regards and congratulations!

      • monica cantu
        August 11, 2015

        You didn’t answer the question is it safe while breastfeeding? If your product is that great give us an answer…not consult with ur physician u have physicians as well backing this product…

      • HealthRoads.net
        August 11, 2015

        Dear Monica,
        Thank you for your interest in our products.
        As you may know, while breastfeeding what we eat/consume is passed down through the milk to your baby. While Zeal wellness is a natural product, we do not know the medical history of our customers and we do not offer medical advise.
        To ensure your well-being and the baby’s well-being, we ALWAYS suggest you share the Zeal products with your doctor for an ok to incorporate it into your existing diet.

        We never want to say our products are ok not knowing your current dietary regime. It is best to be prudent and simply check with your health practitioner if ok to incorporate this to your diet.
        Thank you

  16. Donna
    September 14, 2014

    Is Zeal for Life energy drink safe for diabetics?

  17. brenda lopez
    December 3, 2014

    Hi, the zeal cleanse nutritional I have is 576mg and my zeal burn is 670mg am I taking the correct capsules? And can I take more than 1 of the cleanse tablet a day?

  18. Stacy
    December 5, 2014

    Hi is there a report back yet on if it is Gluten Free?

    • HealthRoads.net
      December 5, 2014

      Thank you for getting back to us! We’ve listened and “Tropic Dream” Flavor is now available for purchase!
      Please visit http://Zurvita.com/HealthRoads

      Note: As of February 2016 all flavors are Gluten Free and Vegan

      • stacy
        December 7, 2014

        So the current shakes are NOT Gluten Free, correct?

      • HealthRoads.net
        January 1, 2015

        We do not have a gluten-free certification on the shakes, just the Tropic Dream flavor ready for purchase now
        Please visit http://Zurvita.com/HealthRoads

  19. sheniqua walker
    January 12, 2015

    The shakes have caused me to be constipated after few weeks of drinking them . Even when i add the Zeal to them im still unable to go ,what can I do…I really enjoy the shakes…

    • HealthRoads.net
      January 12, 2015

      Mrs. Walker,
      The shakes are a powder, as you know, and perhaps you are not drinking enough water to keep your body well hydrated? We suggest however that you consult your health practitioner/ Nutritionist for an assessment.

  20. Barbara Conrad
    January 14, 2015

    I do not understand the relationship between the shakes and the wellness. Should I do both and when? Iam interestedin weight loss and have no health issues that preclude the use of the wellness product. Or is it just for maintenance for someone like me. I’m confused. Barbara

    • HealthRoads.net
      January 14, 2015

      Greetings, the Zeal Wellness formula provide essential nutrients for long-term health benefits. It is packed with natural amino acids vital to your body’s ability to work and recover on its own. The Zeal Protein Shakes are packed with nutrients designed to help block carb absorption and are an excellent source of dietary fiber. It can be used as a meal replacement or add into your diet. The Zeal Wellness formula is part of the Weight Management program, however you can choose which of these to take or if weightloss is your goal, you can purchase the entire program, which also includes the Zeal Burn & Zeal Cleanse. Did we answer your question?

  21. Christina McBride
    January 27, 2015

    Is this stuff organic?

  22. Cyndie
    February 5, 2015

    I am diabetic, is Zeal good for diabetics?

  23. Bonnie
    February 17, 2015

    Is it safe for diabetics

    • HealthRoads.net
      February 17, 2015

      Although Zeal Wellness formula was created with diabetics in mind, we strongly suggest you consult your doctor for an assessment. Please visit our nutritional fact sheet and our Medical Advisory Board links for more details.

  24. Kelly Walmsley
    February 28, 2015

    Do these products contain soy protein? Do the guarana-free products get the same results as the ones containing guarana? Do they also contain caffeine?

    • HealthRoads.net
      February 28, 2015

      Zeal Wellness formula does not contain soy in any way. The Guarana free formula is as effective nutritionally as the formula with Guarana. The protein shakes contain non GMO soy protein.

  25. Katie
    April 6, 2015

    Can I still take the single serving drink mix even if it’s one month past the expiration date? Thank you.

  26. Debbie Tate
    April 13, 2015

    Is it FDA approved?

    • HealthRoads.net
      April 13, 2015

      The Zeal Wellness formula has recently been labeled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a “Functional Food”

  27. Wanda
    May 11, 2015

    I am interested in the potassium content of the products. The nutrition fact sheet and the bottle show 2 different numbers.

    • HealthRoads.net
      May 12, 2015

      Greetings and thank you for your interest. Zeal Wellness formula varies depending on the market. The label on your bottle is the accurate information. Nutrition fact sheets listed here are for USA.

  28. Angeles Monsivais
    May 21, 2015

    I saw some of this stuff being sold on amazon.com, is that allowed? I thought your business type was different.

    • HealthRoads.net
      May 21, 2015

      Thank you for your question! ALL Zeal Wellness products being sold on eBay, Amazon, privately owned sites and any other online means other than Zurvita’s provided marketing site, are illegally being sold and customers who purchase from these illegal sites are doing so at their own risk. Sites like ours http://Zurvita.com/healthroads or zealforlife.com ending are the only approved, authorized and backed by Zurvita marketing sites.

  29. Lena Wieler
    June 8, 2015

    Is Zeal made from organic ingredients?

    • HealthRoads.net
      June 8, 2015

      We do not have the Organic certification as of now, so we cannot claim our products are organic. We do however have the FDA’s labeling of a “Functional Food”

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  31. Mike
    July 18, 2015

    Hi, I was considering buying the Zeal Wellness product but found the ingredient list had crystalline fructose and was deeply disappointed. That ingredient alone is a deal killer for me, without equivocation. I consume only whole, unrefined foods and that includes only consuming natural sweeteners, for example, pure maple syrup, raw honey, date sugar, and rice syrup.

    Crystalline fructose is made by allowing the fructose to crystallize from a fructose-enriched corn syrup, resulting in 99.5 percent pure fructose, a level twice as high as regular HFCS! Nearly all corn syrup is made from genetically modified corn, which comes with its own set of risks. Moreover, crystalline fructose may also contain arsenic, lead, chloride, and heavy metals.

    Please take this ingredient out. If you do, then I will become a life long customer.

    • HealthRoads.net
      July 18, 2015

      Hello Mike,
      We thank you for your post. We use Stevia and other natural sweeteners and understand your concerns with crystalline Fructose.

      We DO NOT use GMO ingredients and our product is labeled as a Functional Food. Zeal Wellness’ natural cell restoring ingredients have made a tremendous positive impact in many of our customers’ health and quality of life.

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  33. April
    September 4, 2015

    Can you mix the Wellness and Protein together twice a day? How effective would this be instead of drinking them separately? Thank you..

    • HealthRoads.net
      September 4, 2015

      Hello! It is a matter of preference but many take Zeal wellness in the morning and shake as a meal substitute in afternoon or evening.

  34. April
    September 4, 2015

    Ok, so the Wellness is recommended once a day or twice?

    • HealthRoads.net
      September 4, 2015

      Once but some customers take twice. We suggest checking with your health practitioners for guidance on your nutritional needs.

  35. Lisa Dunn
    September 12, 2015

    Will this help RA?

    • HealthRoads.net
      September 12, 2015

      Here is a recent customer comment: ” I can’t imagine having to go 3 weeks without my zeal. Zeal has helped so much with my RA, I will not be able to get out of bed without it.”

  36. Robin chaney
    September 14, 2015

    I have tried grape wellness drink and love it. I was needing to know on the wild berry does it contain raspberry as I am allergic to raspberry. I am wanting to try my sample of it but need to know first.

    • HealthRoads.net
      September 14, 2015

      Hello! Please visit the Nutritional Facts sheet for ingredients in our Zeal Wellness formula for USA/Canada. It contains cranberry powder, wild blueberry powder, grape seed extract, Gogi berry extract, açaí berry, Noni juice powder as far as fruits. Hope this helps. Thank you for sharing our page with others you think will benefit from our products! Wishing you well.

    September 23, 2015


  38. HealthRoads.net
    September 23, 2015

    We do not believe in coincidences and you have been directed here for a reason. Our Zeal Wellness product has been developed with Diabetics in mind when we put together our ingredients in our proprietary formula.
    We urge you to consult with your doctor and inquire if ok to incorporate Zeal into your existing diet and be sure to either get a sample or purchase the 30 day canister. http://Zurvita.com/HealthRoads

  39. RYAN
    October 15, 2015

    Where can I find a list of ingredients in the ‘proprietary formula’?

    • HealthRoads.net
      October 15, 2015

      Thank you for your interest. The fact sheets provided above list ingredients in all our products. Our proprietary Process for processing the Rice Bran is part of our “Enrich” blend.
      Enrich Blend delivers a complete spectrum of nutrition including Stabilized Rice Bran, moringa oleifera, blueberry powder, cranberry powder, broccoli sprouts and alfalfa sprouts. The “whole” food, moringa oleifera (leaf), is a unique super green food grown in India and contains more than 60 separate nutritional elements. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to support good health and nutrition. “Enrich” is designed to enrich your body with whole food concentrates. With Stabilized Rice Bran and Moringa Oleifera as just 2 of 10 powerful superfoods, which will feed your body what it needs to be healthy

  40. Dan zeller
    December 21, 2015

    Is zeal fo life good to take for stage 3 ckd

    • HealthRoads.net
      December 21, 2015

      Hello and thank you for your interest in our products.
      We urge you to consult with your doctor and inquire if ok to incorporate Zeal into your existing diet and treatment regime. Be sure to either get a sample or purchase the 30 day canister. http://Zurvita.com/HealthRoads

  41. HealthRoads.net
    December 21, 2015

    Zeal Wellness formula is a natural nutritional supplement designed to nourish, restore and protect your cells. If your doctor has approved the Guarana Free formula, (Guarana is a stimulant), you may want to try it for at least 30 days. We do not know if Zeal Wellness will help with your sleep disorder but it will help with your overall health and that may lead to a restful nights.

  42. David Bryan
    February 27, 2016

    I just started using Zeal tropic dream today as is my wife. She is also using Zeal wildberry with 2% caffeine for energy. I half quit coffee as my blood pressure is a high normal and I found that helps. The 2% caffeine is equivalent to how much coffee in a day. I only use decaffinated coffee if I have a coffee.
    I am fighting elevated blood sugar also by diet (gluten free and no manufactured sugar etc. I take 4 Garcinia Cambogia pills a day before meals as well as a green coffee bean 15 minutes before each meal. I am concerned about my blood sugar and at my age (68) my doctor says I am not bad but if it slips he can fix me up!!!!! I have never taken prescription drugs and my wife and I want to remain that way . We live in Canada . What would you suggest?

    • HealthRoads.net
      February 27, 2016

      Hello Mr Bryan,
      We do not provide medical advice for only your personal doctor is the best person to evaluate and guide you.
      Garcinia Cambogia Has been know to negatively affect the liver and Zeal Wellness contains Milk Thistle which is a wonderful herb to help support your liver. Of course you already know Garcinia Cambogia helps lower blood sugar but aside from that, please seek your doctor’s advice.
      Thank you for your post! Our regards to your wife.

  43. David
    February 27, 2016

    I also asked about how much caffeine does the 2% represent in the zeal wildberry. Is that the same as a cup of coffee? You have a weight loss product as well and how do they work? Which if any of your health products would you recommend for my needs

    • Zurvita.com/HealthRoads
      February 27, 2016

      The Guarana is equivalent to a cup of coffee, however we offer a Guarana free formula as well.

      The weight management program is headed by Peter Nielsen and you can see more details from following link at bottom.

      The entire package is comprised of protein shakes, zeal wellness, zeal burn and zeal cleanse, all which can be purchased separately.

      Nutritional facts are available on this page. The package is $199 however as a Preferred customer, the cost is $169


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  45. Chris Lucas
    March 19, 2016

    Why did Zurvita change the formulation for its wellness blend? Crystalline fructose is now the third ingredient. Fructose is sweeter than sucrose (table sugar) but according to Dr. Robert Lustig, is one of the most egregious components of the western diet, directly contributing to heart disease and diabetes, and associated with cancer and dementia. I realize it was part of the old formula as well but was much further down on the list of ingredients. I received no notice that the formula was changing and will likely cancel my subscription. See Fructose: The Poison Index. Robert Lustig, The Guardian October 2013.

    • HealthRoads.net
      March 23, 2016

      The changes were made to the labeling to comply with FDA requirements. For example, we no longer list Omega 3 or 6 because the formula contains less than 10% of the daily value, so we were required to remove it from the label.

      The nutritional value of our Zeal Wellness formula has remained the same.

      A scoop of Zeal Wellness contains 3.5 grams of crystalline fructose which is a relatively small amount. By comparison, a Coke contains 44 grams of sugar. We feel that crystalline fructose is a very effective and safe ingredient used in Zeal Wellness. The other advantage of crystalline fructose is that it has a very low glycemic index which may explain why so many people with blood sugar problems seem to get good results with Zeal.

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  49. Emilia Tongpalen
    April 28, 2016

    Is zeal for life is safe for diabetic, high blood preassure and high cholesterol.

    • HealthRoads.net
      April 28, 2016

      Although Zeal Wellness was formulated with Diabetics in mind and has had positive feedback from those suffering from HBP, we cannot advise you if incorporating it to your diet is suggested or not, therefore we suggest consulting with your medical professional who can better determine if our products should be taken or not. The ok should be based on each individual’s needs and medical condition.

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